Neha Dixit PhDAbout Dr. Neha Dixit

Dr. Neha Dixit is a licensed clinical psychologist with specialty training in clinical neuropsychology.

Dr. Dixit completed her PhD program at the University of Florida.  In addition, she completed her internship in clinical neuropsychology at the James A Haley VA in Tampa, Florida.  In her 10 years of professional experience, she worked as a Staff Neuropsychologist at the Gainesville, Florida VA Medical Center and maintained a private practice in Gainesville, Florida before moving to the Philadelphia area in 2017.

In her former practices, she worked with patients with a variety of neurocognitive difficulties including traumatic brain injury (TBI), dementia, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, neurocognitive sequelae of medical disorders (e.g., stroke, tumors, heart failure), and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Dr. Neha Dixit has extensive knowledge of cognitive and psychological changes within the brain, allowing her to assess and treat within a strong psychotherapeutic and cognitive rehabilitation framework.  She also works with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, and changes in mood related to life events.

She is fluent in English and Gujarati and offers services in both languages.