Online Counseling

“Where there is hope, there is life. It fills us with courage and makes us strong again. “

-Anne Frank

Online Counseling PennsylvaniaMaintaining your sense of center and calm can be challenging, even in the best of circumstance. When you are confronted with a crisis, or radical change in your circumstances, it can become even more difficult. The current COVID-19 and coronavirus pandemic adds another layer of experience, with the feeling of disconnection brought on by social distancing, isolation from much of your social support system, and the general ambiguity about the situation, and the future. All of this can add to your feelings of anxiety, sadness and overwhelm. Online counseling provides you with an outlet for support in these troubling and changing times.

Managing Uncertainty

One of the biggest challenges to your sense of safety and security may be the ongoing uncertainty connected to the new reality we are all currently facing. Your world has changed, and continues to change in unpredictable ways. You may not know what to do with that, or how you feel about it. Learning to becomes more comfortable with uncertainty is the first step toward regaining the center and calm that, in the past, was likely a big part of your experience.

An important aspect of regaining your life balance is learning to become comfortable with uncertainty. Human beings thrive on structure and consistency. When you don’t know what happening or where you’re going, it can be quite anxiety-provoking. Learning to manage your feelings of uncertainty through specific counseling and wellness techniques can make your day-to-day experience more manageable and less disruptive.

Finding Strength in Change

Neha Dixit PhdChange doesn’t need to be a negative experience. In fact, it can be quite positive, provoking you to grow as a person in new and unexpected ways. What I offer, when working with my clients, is an opportunity for them to explore those opportunities for growth, helping them to reclaim a sense of center and calm, while learning to navigate their new normal.

Whether you are seeking support around anxiety, depression or high levels of stress in your life brought on by the current pandemic crisis, or just life in general, I am here to support you through these changing times. Feel free to reach out to me for teletherapy, online counseling or support by telephone.