Psychological Services

Dr. Dixit’s psychological services uses a series of neuropsychological tests dependent upon each individual patient to develop a treatment plan that is individualized and data-driven.  She provides a variety of clinical services to help clients achieve optimal cognitive and mental health. Her services include the following:

Assessment Services

Neuropsychological assessment and psychological evaluation: Neuropsychological tests are designed to examine a variety of cognitive abilities, including speed of information processing, attention, memory, language, and executive functions. Through testing, Dr. Dixit can assess strengths and weaknesses in a patient’s cognitive functioning.  In addition, her assessment examines development, functioning, academic skills, and psychological coping strategies.  This allows her to create custom treatment plans to help patients regain a sense of wholeness.

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Psychotherapy Services

Counseling support and wellness care for individuals, families, and groups: When working with Dr. Dixit, you can expect confidential, sympathetic, and effective care.  Dr. Dixit ensures clients receive individualized, scientifically supported treatment by using evidence-based therapeutic models for treatment.

Dr. Dixit specializes in working with individuals, caregivers, and family members who are dealing with stressors related to medical and neurological diagnoses.  Dr. Dixit also works with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, and changes in mood related to life events to find a state of equilibrium and support as they pass through difficult times.

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Consultation Services

Forensic evaluations for depositions and hearings; expert witness services: Dr. Dixit provides assessment for forensic purposes as requested by attorneys to document an individual’s strengths and weaknesses given a particular situation such as an accident, disability claim, conservatorship matters, and more.

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